TO help prevent people FROM

becoming victims of identity theft. 

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America!  Yet, so many people are still totally unaware of the significant risks of financial loss that could be avoided by simply taking a few simple steps to protect their personal identity.  Last year alone, 15 million people had their identity stolen!  The losses were into the BILLION$.

You might be surprised to learn that the new RFID chip/smart cards make it easier than ever for crooks to steal your identity!  They no longer need to be within inches of your purse or wallet in order to steal your information. Thieves are now sitting in crowded areas (airports, conventions, trade shows, hotels, malls, etc.) with a program on their tablet, smart phone or laptop, which they use to steal your information from long distances.  This is known as 'crowd hacking'.​  And, the crowd hackers are about impossible to catch because all you see (typically) is a person using their tablet!

In spite of their safety assurances, financial institutions and federal laws have created a wide range of rules and policies regarding how much of your money might or might not be returned to you, IF ANY, when stolen by identity theft.  

Here at proTECard, we are commited to the science and technology of inexpensively  preventing

identity theft.  Our goal is to help people avoid becoming victims and going through the cost, time, effort, and aggravation of cleaning up the mess and financial loss so common in America today.